Sandra Rieback
Owner of Time 4 Class
ISSA Personal Trainer Certified
ISSA Sport Nutrition Certified
AFFA Group Fit Certified
Zumba Certified
CPR Certified
I started dancing at age 7 and loved it and continued into my early 20's.  A back injury caused me to take some time off.  When I got healthy enough to exercise, but was not able to go back to dance, I struggled to find something that I enjoyed.  I dreaded the gym scene and was bored out of my mind doing treadmill, lifecycle and stairmaster workouts.  I started taking classes, but found I was always looking at other students wanting to correct them if their form was wrong, so they wouldn't get injured.   That's when I decided to get certified and teach classes myself.  My son was born and soon after was diagnosed with Cerebral Palsy (and 5 years later also with Autism) so I got certified as a Personal Trainer and Specialist in Sport Nutriton, so I could train out of my home gym and be with my son.  About 3 years later, really missing the group classes and the energy a room full of people with great music brought, it was time to go back to teaching.  Then again I took a break to have my beautiful daughter. When I returned, I taught many different kinds of classes (Boot Camp, Muscle Sculpt, Cardio Kickboxing), but then Zumba came out and I was hooked!  Zumba combined my love of dance and fitness! Along with my latin backround, it was the perfect class for me!  When an opportunity to open my own studio presented itself, God opened all the doors, and my husband and I knew it was meant to be.  In September of 2008, Time 4 Class was born.  In September of 2011, having outgrown the space, Time 4 Class expanded and added a Spin Studio and a huge Zumba room.  I have been married to my best friend, Kurt, for 23 years and have two beautiful children, Austin, 17 years and Emily Rose, 12 years who inspire and support me each and every day.
Austin, Kurt, Me, Emily